Monday, 9 August 2010

Serial Daters

When I say the words "serial daters", I guess you know what I mean. I'm talking about the kind of people who move from one relationship to the next without any break in between. No time to recover from the last broken heart before setting up another.

These people exist in all of our lives. At some point it is very likely you will have known a serial dater. You may have even been a serial dater at some point. If you are still a serial dater, don't take offence. It's not an outright bad way to live life, but it does have problems, especially if you are in search of Mr.Right.

You may have heard that Mr.Right is only ever found when you stop looking, and for the most part I believe that. Diving right into a new relationship immediately after ending the last does not allow you enough time to heal, be single and be open to meeting the guy who is really right for you!

For more thoughts on this topic, read my article: The Dangers of Being a Serial Dater


  1. Yeah, I wouldn't recommend this, especially if the relationships are quite short.

    You end up fleeing at the first little thing instead of making attempts to work through it. So the relationships never grow; they just flop.

    If you relationship-hop, you tell yourself that it doesn't matter if you work on issues, someone new will always be there.