Thursday, 7 April 2011

F is for First Kisses

Nobody ever forgets their first kiss. Whether it was horribly embarrassing or sweet and romantic, the first kiss is the one that is always the most terrifying and the most memorable.

My first ever kiss was actually at a family party, which sounds insane - who wants their first kiss to be in front of their entire family, right?! But it happened when I was 13, on a crowded dancefloor with a guy who I knew I would never see again because he lived far away and, might I add, was not a relative! :p He was the son of a friend of the person whose party it was. He was incredibly hot though!! :D

It isn't just your first ever kiss that is awkward though. A first kiss with a new partner can sometimes be awkward too. Do you keep it gentle, or really let him know how much you like him by yanking him into a passionate embrace? I am more a fan of the gentle approach, but it often depends on the situation. What do you think? Feel free to share any first kiss stories in the comments!

The First Kiss


  1. My first kiss was a boy named John. He was my first "puppy" love. He was such a nice guy and I miss him! Thanks for bringing back good memories :)

  2. Aww, puppy love is the best! <3

  3. My first real kiss was awesome! Too bad it wasn't with a 'real' boyfriend, but as a result of a spin of a bottle.

  4. My first kiss was, of course, awkward and weird because we had ppl gawking at us. But I love reading about first kisses in novels, especially when the characters are older and have been anticipating the moment.

  5. Marie Anne - Haha, Spin the Bottle is such a great way to get a kiss! :D

    NiaRaie - Oh, absolutely! Well built anticipation in a novel is great to read!