Wednesday, 13 April 2011

K is for Knight in Shining Armour

Like many other little girls, I was read fairy tales as a child. I also watched Disney movies which led me to believe that the handsome Prince, or the knight in shining armour would whisk me away to a life of sunshine, birds chirping happily in the trees and a world where fat days just don't exist.

Fast forward 20 years and you get, well, reality. The handsome Prince and knight in shining armour either forgot me, or were too stubborn to switch on their SatNav to find my house.

That said, that doesn't mean I didn't get one. I suppose my love life runs along the lines of Shrek! No, no, my boyfriend is not a green, overweight ogre. I just mean that I was looking for what I thought I wanted and found something unexpected.

A lot of women refuse to look outside of their "man checklist" when they are trying to find a date, but they run the risk of missing out on the perfect person just for the sake of a tiny flaw.

Reasons You're Still Single


  1. I have yet to find my Knight in shining armor, even though I have expanded my expectations. I still draw in those with MAJOR flaws: alcoholics, drug addicts, smokers (I have asthma) obsessive control freaks, or, interestingly, those who are completely apathetic. Maybe my Knight is sitting in a nursing home waiting for me. I'll get there eventually ;) If you would like to read my "K" blog, go here:

  2. How cute. I always thought I would marry Cary Grant one day lol. I still love him, but I found my own Cary Grant elsewhere:)

  3. Great post! I totally agree with the whole looking outside the "man checklist". Everyone has flaws its the part of working and growing together, encouraging each other to becoming better people that makes a relationship last. :)

  4. I had major expectations before I met Matt. While Matt is not exactly what I hoped for, he is my "Prince Charming" in his own way. He is not the type of guy I would normally date, so I too have a "Shrek!" story! :P

  5. Same here. I didn't think my husband was the 'type' of guy I would end up with and now I cannot imagine myself with anyone else.

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  6. I think it sometimes takes a few classes in the School Of Hard Knocks to realise that not everyone is perfect, and especially that looks aren't as important as personality and a caring attitude.

  7. I'll settle for a lot less than a knight, but honestly, I gave up on all of that some time ago. I'll do fine alone, just me and my critters.

  8. Theresa - I used to have a similar problem of attracting thhe kind of men that you wouldn't necesarily want to settle down with!

    Kerry - I'm glad you found yours!

    Bethy B - Absolutely. So many people are too set in their ways. It's not that people should settle for anyone, but they should certainly drop the idea of perfection.

    Kendall - Lol, well at least he is your Prince Charming in some way, even if he isn't quite what you expected!

    Langley - I think this is the story for a lot of people! :D

    Tony - Definitely!

    Marie Anne - Good plan. Quite often, men are more trouble than they're worth anyway! :p

  9. Sometimes you gotta kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince. The hard part is to know when to toss that frog back into the pond.