Saturday, 16 April 2011

N is for Nursery

Lol, no I'm not pregnant - but it was the only kid related word I could think of to use for a silly Saturday post!

Today I was reminded of a website one of my friends showed me a few years ago. MakeMeBabies is a site where you can upload a photo of you and your partner to see what your future children will look like! My friend and I spent hours creating babies with celebrities to see how they would look. Sometimes they were cute, sometimes scary but it provides plenty of mindless entertainment, perfect for a Saturday afternoon!

This is my Zac Efron baby as an example! When you have some time, make some of your own - and feel free to share them in the comments! :p


  1. She's a pretty little thing!

    My “N” post is right here:
    And you can find the “M” one here:

  2. Love that site! Played with it before I had Ethan! Needless to say Ethan is much cuter than the computer thought he would be! :)

  3. Fun site. I could spend hours there. Yikes!

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