Monday, 23 May 2011

Beware the cellphone.....

Happy Monday, everyone!

First of all, thanks to everyone who helped me out with quotes for my article about Bad Boys vs Nice Guys. Hopefully it will be published during the week so I will let you know!

Now onto today's post! How many of you have been caught out when using cellphones or social media? Maybe you have sent a text to the wrong person and it caused trouble, or perhaps you were tagged in a dodgy looking Facebook photo.

The impact of these things on relationships can be huge, and in severe cases, cause break-ups. Sure, it's not the phones or the social networking sites that really create the problems but they definitely increase the speed that damage can be done. Have you ever made any of these mistakes?

5 Ways Technology Can Ruin Your Relationship


  1. I think everyone is guilty of texting someone the wrong thing from time to time. With most smartphones (and mine) in "conversation" mode and a touch screen, I'm constantly sending out the wrong thing! It's never caused trouble, but has been a little awkward from time to time.


  2. God help the person who tags me in a dodgy photo on FB. LOL

  3. Walking Tours Rome - That's very true. I have the same problem with my phone - just recently I was using my phone as a torch in the dark and I accidentally called someone in the middle of the night - they weren't best pleased!

    ResidentGamer - Lmao! I feel much the same way!

  4. Guy's next time use different cellphone to avoid this incident. LOL:D