Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Looking for quotes! Bad boys vs. Nice guys

Hey peeps!

I am looking to write an article about whether women prefer bad boys or nice guys and the reasons why, and I need some quotes from anyone who has an opinion!

Your comments may appear in an article on Yahoo Shine or Associated Content. Please leave your name (or a real sounding name) and your State/County with your response in the comments section or email me at:



  1. I think that while immature young girls may choose bad boys, grown women prefer nice guys. It's important to note that 'nice' doesn't mean mindless or wimpy. Strong, confident men can be 'nice." In fact, I think that being nice is a definite sign of strength. It’s much easier to be a selfish jackass than it is to consider how our actions impact those around us. Strong men–strong people–are able to conduct themselves in ways that build something. They are long distance, not sprinters, and they have a 'we' mindset.

  2. Knowing him much better that's it!